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Common questions

The pick-up and return of the motorhomes takes place from Monday to Sunday at the following times:

 – Pick-up: from 3pm to 5pm;

 – Return: from 9am to 8pm;

There is the possibility of Pick Up and return of the motorhomes outside the stipulated time for a fee:

 – With prior notice: Additional cost of 25€;

 – No notice: Additional cost of 30€ per hour;

To execute or lease, you will need to submit:

 – Valid European or International driving licence;

 – Credit card with a sufficient ceiling for the signed deposit;

 – Valid identification document (Passport / ID Card);

Any adult over 21 years of age who has a valid driving license for over 2 years. By default, each reservation includes one driver, which must correspond with the holder of the contract.

The reservation can be made through our site by accessing the search. After the selection of the motorhome follow the steps of the reservation. In a last step you will receive in your email a document with the rental conditions and payment information.

The reservation will only be validated when the payment is verified.

Yes, the adaptation is very easy and fast, the operation and driving is the same as any other vehicle.
However, as it is a vehicle with larger dimensions than normal, we advise increased attention in driving.   All our motorhomes are equipped with parking sensors and rear-view camera to assist in manoeuvring.
At the time of the pick-up, we will make a detailed demonstration of the motorhome
and clarify any doubts

The pick-up of the vehicles will always be carried out at our premises, located at Rua 24 de Junho, Azurém, Guimarães.

As an alternative we have a transfer service from the Oporto airport, with the additional cost of 25€ per trip. This service includes the transport of passengers from the airport to our facilities, where they can pick up normally.

In addition to this service, we also suggest a third option, which may be more economical. At the airport you can enjoy the GetBus, a direct bus that makes the route Airport – Guimarães. We assure the transport from the central to our facilities is free of charge. You can consult the schedules and prices here

The minimum rental period depends on the dates of the rental. Therefore, in low season the rental can be done with a minimum period of two days. In the high season, it will only be possible to rent the motorhome for a period longer than five days.

For specific cases, please contact us using your contact form.

All motorhomes have the necessary equipment for their basic use:

 – Insurance;

 – First Aid Kits.

First, you should contact the Guicamper services and report the occurrence.

Subsequently, carefully follow the instructions described in the contract.

Ask us your question!