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Travel Tips

It can be holidays of adventure and fun, but don’t neglect preparation. Define an itinerary that can serve as a reference and establish the places you want to visit the most.
Very important: having a GPS is useful, but in some locations there’s no internet, so have a physical map can bring a lot of benefits.

If you’re going to travel outside Portugal it is vey important to check the emergence numbers in the case something unpredictable occurs. There are some apps you can install to give you the emergency number via GPS. ideally, you should install an app that works even offline.

If you are travelling in Europe you can also apply for the European Health Card, which allows you to obtain health care that is medically necessary during your stay in countries that are Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Taking your ID documents is always important, and even more when we’re talking about documents that can allow or forbid your entrance in another country.

Therefore, you should try to find out about the documentation required in each country, so that nothing fails and you don’t have problems in what should be a trip of pure fun and leisure.

Check before the trip what is included in the motorhome is essential. Doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to add all that is needed to enjoy a memorable adventure.

Normally, is not difficult to find a place to park the motorhome and stay the night. However, you should have in consideration security issues. Make sure you choose safe spaces to rest, such as camping sites.

In order to enjoy the comfort of the motorhome, try not to take too many things. After all, space is limited and should be well used.

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